JULY 16, 2018 by Stephen McLaren

Sadly, brought to an untimely end by  that mind set of extreme political ideology which envied her outreach & in-reach, our democratic rights viewed as evil.    Belief in Dialogue  Again, a secular vision needed for its  focus on changing social society, its diversity mix of faith/belief/none.  Importance…dialogue…understanding…acceptance. A wedding conducted at Auchtermuchty, under the nearby gaze of Sir Jimmy Shand’s statue. Everyone was from ‘Muchty’.  Auchter?...dismissed ! An auld Scots dictionary revealed…‘Auchter’…..’high ground above pig rearing’ ! Scanning further,  a game changer.  ‘Och’… “a  frustrated.. oh yes”…  “Och TV’s crap…em awa tae ma bed”   “Och yer havering… em awa tae the pub”    OCH.. yes …. The acronym…  Aviation-Obstacle Clearance Height   Astrophysics-Orbiter Common Hardware. Then it suddenly dawned on me…OCH ?? ….Our Common Humanity! A universal label. Our single species, given requisite fertility in members from opposite ends of the earth,  procreation is assured. How common is that ?  Undeniable !

TFR is an all inclusive mantra. It affirms secular inclusivity for all.   No privilege   except via the democratic process.  But sadly,  secular is often misrepresented.   Wrongly tagged as aggressive, posing a threat ? To ensure superior moral monopoly is preserved ?  NOT AT ALL!   Its militancy is a myth   It’s inclusive   It’s secular !  MSP’s, Scotland needs you to go well, for our common good.  My hope is for you to become truly secular. Outcomes will get better,  better  & better.  OCH.  Thank you. OCH

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