NOVEMBER 25, 2018 by Stephen McLaren
  • Knowledge of our world is derived from observation, experimentation and rational analysis, a science based approach which can solve problems and develop beneficial technologies. That is enhanced by recognition of the value of inspirational thought based approaches in the arts and inner experiences which we subject to analysis via critical intelligence.


  • Humankind is an integral part of nature resulting from unguided evolutionary change, accepting our lives as all there is, sufficient and enough,  distinguishing things for which we might wish or imagine them to be from the reality of things as they are. We welcome the challenges of the future and despite, undaunted, are drawn to that which is yet to be known.


  • Ethical values are derived from human need and interests arising from experience as befitting human welfare, shaped by circumstance and concern re our interdependence on our global ecosystems and its flora and fauna.


  • Fulfillment of life emerges best from participation in the service of humane ideals, thereby providing sense of purpose with wonder and awe at the joy and beauty of human existence, along with its challenges and tragedies which can occur, either through no individual fault, inevitability and the finality of death.


  • Humans are social by nature, finding meaning in relationships, whilst striving for the lives others, free from cruelty with mutual care, concern and a cooperative attitude with no need of violence or coercion.


  • Individual happiness is optimized by working in harmony with others, for the social benefits which arise from freedom from mere survival and suffering, towards global communities which always pursue the common good.


Mantra: (Baruch Spinoza)


  • Those who are governed by reason desire nothing for themselves which they

            do not also desire for the rest of humankind.

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