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       Hello and Greetings :  Here’s how, together, we make it happen

         Our approach to legal humanist marriage is progressed in separate stages:

1 As both an advocate of marriage and as a registered Celebrant/Marriage Officer of H in S, I represent what humanism is all about – what it says and means, particularly in its approach to legal humanist weddings, allowing as it does, such personal flexibility in making it truly your own. The first steps in the process acquaint you with a typical structure of a humanist wedding ceremony along with the legal requirements and our respective obligations as to how these are complied with. An initial meeting with you is appropriate to talk these through, with a discussion about developing your ideas for your ceremony.  Can I suggest meeting somewhere mutually convenient, at or near your venue at whatever date/time suits – where do you live as a starting point?   

2 Along with further information regarding the ethos of humanism and our formal agreement, that sets out our arrangements for the ceremony and the key details – venue, date, time etc. which we both sign and retain for our records.  I advise & emphasise the mandatory legal requirements along with our respective responsibilities and then guide / assist you in whatever way you wish or need in composing your ceremony script so that it becomes uniquely your own, (all incl in the fee of £380).  We can complete these details when we meet as it also sets out our respective obligations, including what you must do re the banns and registration procedures as required of Scottish Law. The most memorable wedding ceremonies (not a service = worship) are those where the composition is personal to you as the couple, with friends/families input etc/etc.   

3 I then provide a large range of written material and example scripts which offers ideas and options of wording plus other aspects of your wedding, again assisting you as much as is needed. Therefore, together as a couple or individually and should you wish, even kept private until the day, you not only compose/choose your commitments & vows, but also the music, the welcomes, the introductions, the readings, your story and the choreography/stage management of the ceremony, detailing the inclusion of your friends or family involvement etc.  Making it uniquely your own provides the opportunity in your ceremony at which you speak openly and honestly, facing and declaring before all of your guests, your words in your way and style, with your emotions and sincerity brought to the fore.

Finally, but importantly, I also commit to only your ceremony on your chosen date and I look forward to being of service to you on such an important day in your lives.

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