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Humanist Weddings

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Humanism in Scotland makes your day Unique, Personal and Memorable

We all want to mark the special days in our lives with celebration and to make these matter, they should reflect our outlook on life. Being able to have a humanist wedding ceremony is very special, because it embodies the notion of a very personal and spiritual ceremony which reflects both of you, as individuals and as a couple.  Since 2005, a Humanist wedding allows you to have a legal ceremony that focuses on your values while still allowing you to express your individual personalities. Whether your style is traditional or whimsical, formal or casual, your celebrant will help you compose your perfect ceremony, making it so memorable for everyone involved. Our celebrants commit to only your ceremony on your chosen date and we usually have availability for those latecomers.  We also guarantee a stand-in legal celebrant in the unlikely event of some unforeseen emergency.
Humanist Wedding Ceremonies

Humanism, which is non-religious, offers a philosophy of life and ethics, based on a concern for humanity and the natural world.  It is simply based on common sense, unselfishness, kindness, care and consideration for others, whilst accepting responsibility for our own lives, the influence we have on others and on the world around us.  Our approach is not constrained by religious scripture nor the neutrality demanded by civil law.  And although we differ widely on the basis for such, we hold many values in common with those who have religious beliefs and it is with these shared values in mind that we gather together as one community, to celebrate a marriage in a way that confirms your togetherness.  Having chosen a place/venue that speaks of how you wish to live your lives, with originality, with joy and with delight in the beautiful world in which we live, many couples choose to compose a ceremony in their own way and in their own style, speaking words and making gestures which represent their love and their commitment to each other.  Unique, personal and memorable.

One of Linda's recent testimonials...

Thank you so very much, for the beautiful ceremony you led yesterday, we enjoyed it immensely. You made our special day so unforgettable and truly wonderful and we appreciate your love and support very much.  The experience of writing the script etc together has been a very moving and personal experience and as you had suggested, made the whole thing very special for us indeed.  Thank you very much indeed for that. 

C & W

Ceremony fee   GBP
Wedding (rehearsal if essential + £50 )   £350
Renewal of Vows   £300


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  • Dear Stephen,

    Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. You were.... well sometimes words can't do justice... our ceremonial rock, an inspiration, a sensible hat, so well organised, so giving and generous in spirit - you gave us such enthusiastic support from the moment we met. As our celebrant you were perfect.

    Well well what a whirlwind of a day, a fornight, a month, our life. I'm so sorry for the radio silence. On Saturday we couldn't believe it was 4 weeks since our big day, and we are still tying up loose ends and shoelaces! Re-reading your words you sent the day after brings such a smile. Like our family and friends, you notice and remind us of the special things, some big some small, all wonderful.

    We both send our best wishes to your wife hoping that she is now fully recovered.  Stephen please could you send us your postal address?

    Sending the very best of wishes to you,

    M and H

    M & H
  • Thank you again so much for all of your help and support in helping us create our perfect ceremony.  Your advice and guidance was so appreciated by us and the result was that we had the ceremony of our dreams.  So many people commented on how beautiful, emotional and special our wedding ceremony was and said how touched they were.  We both loved every second of our wedding day. A & R

    A & R
  • Our heartfelt and sincerest thanks for a most wonderful wedding ceremony.  You were a patient, thoughtful and constructive guide through the process of creating our personal ceremony, and we are both so very appreciative of your gentle and helpful hand on the tiller.  So many of our guests have told us how much they enjoyed the ceremony, both the setting and the personal way in which we were able to create it because it was a humanist celebration, and it could not have happened in the way it did without you; you were a very calm focus on the day and held the proceedings together in a most lovely way.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - it was an amazing and memorable experience.  I'm so glad I decided to engage with Humanism.  And on that score, please do let me know if we can make a donation to the cause.  It is important to us to support the things we value and your time and care is certainly one such thing.  C & H

    C & H
  • We are both fantastic, sunning  ourselves in the Maldives.  Thanks a million for the ceremony  you did for us at the castle.  It was excellent. The pipe band went down a storm and everyone loved it including me.... a smile comes on my face every time I watch it. I will email you a few pics when I get them back. L & B

    L & B
  • We would like to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you conducted. We have had many compliments on both our choice of venue but even more so on our choice of ceremony and on your kind words. It was a special day and we are so happy you helped make it perfect. I wish you many happy years doing what you do as I hope you can make many more couples as happy as you have made us. F & F

    F & F
  • Firstly thank you so much for such a fantastic ceremony on the banks of the Tay. We couldn’t have asked for it to be any more ideal and we are still on a high from the whole experience. We have had such lovely feedback from our family and friends, particularly about the ceremony being so personal, which exactly what we all wanted, including yourself.  It was a real pleasure meeting you and we both wish you well. L & M

    L & M
  • Grant and I would like to pass on our thanks for everything you did on the day, the ceremony was perfect. The whole day went really well and Grant and I are currently awaiting our flight to Cancun, which will top off the whole experience.  Once again thank you so much for helping us have the kind of ceremony and wedding we desired.  I'll send you a photo when I get some!! M & G

    M & G
  • Many thanks to you. It was indeed a special day for both of us which we thank you for being part of it. Everyone who attended said that the ceremony was so much better than their wedding day and if they had known beforehand about humanist ceremonies, then they would have had that.  L & J

    L & J
  • Thank you so very much, for the beautiful ceremony you led yesterday, we enjoyed it immensely. You made our special day so unforgettable and truly wonderful and we appreciate your love and support very much.  The experience of writing the script etc together has been a very moving and personal experience and as you had suggested, made the whole thing very special for us indeed.  Thank you very much indeed for that.  M & A

    M & A
  • I am so sorry this is getting to you so late but it has all been a bit crazy since we got back from honeymoon! We have both been meaning to write to say thank you so much for helping us achieve our perfect day. We loved every minute of it and we are also so glad you encouraged us to be more expressive as it really 'made' the ceremony for not just us but everyone attending. We have the most amazing memories and so much of it is down to you. You managed to set the tone of the ceremony perfectly because everyone, regardless of their faith or beliefs felt completely relaxed and at ease. That fantastic atmosphere continued throughout the night. Please click on the link to view a short video a friend made of our wedding. If you would like to show any couples in future, please feel free. K & N

    K & N
  • It was good to be able to express my thanks for the very moving ceremony you conducted for K and T.  It's difficult to get the tone just right and you did just that - all of us present thought it was a beautiful very emotional ceremony and the happy couple certainly thought so too. Thank you again.  LF (Bride’s mum)

    LF (Bride's mum)
  • Many many thanks for making it a wonderful day . Everyone that was there says it was a fantastic ceremony and is the best Scottish wedding that they have ever attended as it made everyone feel involved and relaxed so we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a fantastic day.  H & D

    H & D
  • Thanks you so much! You were excellent so many people commented on how much they loved the ceremony!  We really did have the best day of our lives, we feel so lucky! Just can't wait to see the wedding DVD now and play it all back again.  We really are so happy with how everything went, it really was very us and we wouldn't change a thing! P & D lol

    P & D
  • Thank you for your lovely message and even more so - thank you for such a wonderful ceremony, we really did have the best day !   I think it's all still sinking in, off to Greece together now and still talking about all the great things that happened. Seems that everyone was really taken by a humanist ceremony too !   We just loved it, and can't thank you enough!     Mr & Mrs W

    Mr & Mrs W
  • We're off on honeymoon this morning but wanted to email you quickly to say thank you so much for making our ceremony completely perfect !  It was a dream come true from start to finish and we wish we could do it all again!  K & G 

    K & G
  • We both want to thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony. We honestly had the time of our lives. The guests were very impressed with our Humanist wedding ceremony and the compliments were flowing all weekend. My Uncle who is a church elder is even questioning his faith!  Thanks again for being part of our special day. X  R & G 

    R & G
  • We just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us, at such short notice as well! People are still talking about our wedding and we are sure they will be talking about it for weeks to come! It was such a lovely ceremony which wouldn't have been possible without your help and guidance.  Humanism is not something which we automatically thought about when planning our wedding, but we are both so happy with our choice which made our ceremony much more personal and encompassing.
    K & J

    K & J
  • We both wanted to thank you very much for being the celebrant at our wedding.  Your help and support before our big day was invaluable and greatly appreciated.  Everybody commented on how lovely the ceremony was.  Thanks so much for making our wedding day so special and memorable. I have attached a couple of photographs which I thought might interest you. 
    Thanks again.   J and K

    J & K
  • Thank you so much for making our ceremony so special and unique, we couldn't have asked for a better person to do it for us, so thank you. xx  M & M

    M & M
  • We didn't catch you yesterday in all the commotion, just want to say that the ceremony was everything we could have hoped for, it was just perfect and everyone has said it's the best ceremony they've ever seen. Couldn't have done it without your help and support and you were so spot-on yesterday and made it such fun. Both Nick and I are so grateful and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  This all seems to have flown past but it's been lovely working with you on our ceremony and it will be something we will remember forever.  Many thanks and I hope you enjoyed it at much as we did. M & N 

    M & N