As either a registered celebrant or officiant of Humanism in Scotland, we provide a non-religious approach to life’s rites of passage, including at weddings, baby/child namings, renewals of vows, funerals and memorials etc.  There is no compulsion to join us as we are neither a membership organisation, nor do we require any commitment other than your choosing our approach/style at such milestone events in our lives.

The humanist approach is always non-religious, but not anti-religious, and our ceremonies are welcomed by everyone, offending no-one and an opportunity is always included for personal reflection for those who may bring a faith perspective to the celebration and/or to the tribute for the lives or life of the much loved. At first meeting or contact,  we always acquaint you with the humanist ethos and life-stance, to offer awareness of what are our beliefs and values, so that you are comfortable with what follows – namely face to face exchange(s) at the appropriate time(s) which brings into focus, everything relevant to your chosen event.  We are a not-for-profit organisation with a transparent charitable outreach via which we commit to our supported beneficiaries.

Our ceremony fee structure:

 Ceremony Date Fee
 Wedding  ongoing £380
Renewal of Vows ongoing £300
Naming Ceremony  


Funeral / Memorial / Interment of Ashes   £160
Funeral - child or young person under 16   No fee 
Advance directive Funeral   No fee
Exceptional mileage rate if applicable    £0.30 pm


For our wedding ceremonies and renewal of vows, the opportunity for a couple to compose their script, their own vows, even kept private until the day ... that in itself brings serious reflection as individuals, as to the very basis and the why of their decision to progress to legal marriage and its implicit life-long commitment.  Many couples choose one of the free wedding template sites as a way of bringing into focus, everything for the wedding day, including build-up, coordination and other arrangements. 

See Weddings & Renewal of Vows

For namings of baby/child/young adult, the conferring of a name has been recognised since ancient times as a symbol of welcome, love and commitment.   Parents or guardians choose the words, poetry and sentiments on how they wish to commit to their child, combined with readings from other friends & relatives, creating a lifetime memorable occasion/keep-safe for subsequent generations.  They can even be combined with a wedding ceremony, if appropriate.  

See Namings

For funerals or memorials, our officiants feel such privilege in becoming temporarily immersed in a bereaved family’s life at a time of much distress and grief.  Engaging with a bereaved family or partner at that personal level, with the essential care and empathy as a hallmark of good practice, their recovery and healing from their loss of a loved one can begin to unfold. 

See Funerals & Memorials

It might also be important to let you know that we do also provide ongoing support to bereaved spouses . . family and beyond.  Not being clinicians, we don’t prescribe medication, but find that that is mostly not needed anyway!  Neither are we suggesting that you/your....define... hasn’t got the strength of mind and resilience to restore their well being.  Given the ongoing support from a dynamic family along with myriads of friends, all can be highly significant in a positive outcome.  Sadly, some are not as fortunate.  We’re here as an independent supporter (non-relative, non -judgemental & non-confessional) and active listener. Active listening is hearing and engaging with our counter rationale brought to bear as appropriate on the issues which emerge.   We simply wish you well.

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