Do people have power ?

Empowerment does Make a Difference.

Humanism is the only non-religious life stance which offers a written moral and ethical code. The decrees of the code are subject to regular scrutiny and review via the tri-annual International Humanist & Ethical Union congress.  It is elegantly presented on a single side of an A4 sheet.  The IHEU Declaration of 2002 which remains current into 2014 and beyond, comprises several decrees which  engage with a rational approach to life across many key aspects of sustainable life and well being.

We provide the opportunity and encourage our supporters/clients to bring people power to issues which are of concern to those of a humanist/secular mind-set. We provide that via our well established outreach.

The practicality of this is based on our established and administered communal network of people who associate with us and who are freely willing to combine their cyber identities in support of policies and petitions which address such concerns as apply from time to time.  Of course, our supporters are encouraged to suggest topics for action, extending the outreach and influence of our life stance.

The networks via twitter or email prompt are private and secure, and therefore avoid aspects of those social media  which, being open to all and sundry, bring the attendant abuse and malice which sadly is increasingly evident.  So let’s look at a few current hot topics in which humanism has something to say . . .   all of which concerns are embedded in the life stance as depicted by the decrees of the IHEU Declaration.


Inequality-unequal pay-gender-disability > Undemocratic privilege > Slavery > Extremism > Sectarianism > Creationism > Bad HR practice > Unfairness >Stifled  autonomy > Discrimination > End of life indignity >Oceanic Pollution > Silent epidemic >Palm oil deforestation > Amazonian forest depletion > Corporate abuse > Cavalier Banking >Tax evasion > Money laundering > The black economy > Cash in hand culture > Personal/collective irresponsibility > Self indulgence > Population growth > Gambling > Personal life style > Obesity > Alcoholism > Drug culture > Welfare dependency > Poverty > Worklessness > Pollination/Bees under threat > Energy from coal > Global warming > Climate change > Diminishing ice sheets > Locked in sea level rise > Extreme weather events > Fracking > Trespass laws allow drilling without permission > Arms trade & proliferation etc etc . .

RMcL  June 2014