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MQ mind - Emoodji

An amazing 24,000 of you have now sworn to take on mental illness in young people once and for all.

And our collective pledge is desperately needed.

75% of mental illnesses start before the age of 18, and it takes on average a decade for young people to get the right support.

So together we made a promise to take this crisis on, and we’re pleased to say our message is being heard where it matters.

We hit the headlines across tabloids, broadsheets and online featuring in the likes of the Guardian - where Alistair Campbell got a little ‘sweary’ - and in the Metro and Sun, where YouTube vlogger Sam Chapman, and TV presenter Julia Bradbury, shared their personal stories of mental health.  

Passionate people who dream of a brighter future have made the impossible happen, but only by joining forces.

Shared determination is the most powerful tool we have to drive change. Now it's the turn of mental health.

Stand up for action against this blight on humanity....   See HERE

Thank you for e-mailing your councillors to tell them how important ‘life support’ services are. You can read our briefing and find out more about the campaign on our website.

We will keep you up-to-date as the campaign to protect and improve ‘life support’ services progresses.


We support the promotion of this new app and particularly to students – signposting people who may have need in its ethos  See HERE

  • Emoodji is the app for the ups and downs of university life, a free app by Mind the mental health charity.
  • Take a selfie or a photo, choose an emoji that matches your mood to put on your face and send it to your friends – or keep it private.
  • The app will then show you how your mood has fluctuated. It’s also packed with tips on how to deal with different aspects of uni life.