MAY 18, 2015 by Stephen McLaren
Children/Young People


Scotland's  Curriculum  for  Excellence:   promotes 4  'Capacities'

 Confident individuals; Effective contributors;  Responsible citizens; Successful learners.

The C&YP (Children/Young People) Bill was enshrined in Scots law, based on the following :

The United Nations Charter sets out:

1      Young People / Children's  Rights

-   to a clean environment at home, school or wherever they are.

-   to be protected from conflict, cruelty, exploitation and neglect.

-   to be loved and respected.

-   to have special care for special needs.

-   to be adequately fed.

-   to make mistakes.

-   to  relax, play and join in a wide range of activities.

-   to be educated.

-   to have freedom of thought and religion.

2     Young People / Children's  Responsibilities.

-   not to bully or harm each other.

-   to learn as much as they can and to help others to learn.

-   to show love and respect to others.

-   to be the best they can be.

-   to respect other peoples thoughts and religions.

-   not to waste food.

-   to learn from mistakes.

-   to do what they can to look after the environment.

-   to include everybody in their games and activities.

-   to take care of themselves.

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