What's it all about ?

What does it mean . . .
A taxi driver once had Bertrand Russell in his cab . . he being the most famous philosopher of his day. Seizing the opportunity, the Cabbie asked him  . .“So what’s it all about?”
Not surprisingly, no answer was forthcoming from the guru, for isn't the ‘meaning of life’ the most profound and elusive mystery of them all, unanswerable by even the greatest of minds ? So, is there no answer to be had for a question of such significance ? Puzzled, perhaps there is and we might progress to an answer by considering what makes life worth living . . the positive outcome of a personal struggle . . the Jupiter symphony . . the infinite variety in nature . . the works of Goya or Cezanne . . that seafood restaurant . . that abiding friendship . . that special child’s face . .the love of and from a.n.other . .the elimination of suffering . .the nurturing of a well founded child ?  Certainly a huge variety there, complicated by the very unpredictable nature of it all . . but if we can come to a basic answer, here goes . . . perhaps too simplistic and probably missing much, although only so because, not unreasonably, we expect something much more elaborate.

" The only sense that we can make of the idea that life has meaning is that there are some reasons to live, rather than to die, and those reasons are to be found in the living of life itself! "
Thanks to Julian Baggini

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