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Make a Difference

 Get involved and make a difference ?  See   . . . Humanism does exactly that 

Warming/Reality/ *350 > M a D
* Equality & Diversity > M a D
*Change > M a D
*** Greenpeace > M a D
* Some of Us > M a D
*38d/Unstoppable > M a D
* Independent Age > M a D
*Global Citizen/Justice
* MQ mind - Emoodji
Humanism > Does exactly that
Amnesty > M a D
Armchair Activists - M a D
Humanist Decrees > M a D
Here's Who > M a D
Results Summary > M a D
Advocacy > M a D
Child Philosophy > M a D
Children's Rights > M a D
Corporate Malevolence > M a D
Death with Dignity > M a D
Disabled rights > M a D
Education > M a D
Fairtrade > M a D
Friends of Earth > M a D
Four Paws >M a D
Fauna & Flora > M a D
Government Nonsense > M a D
Human Rights > M a D
NHS & Health > M a D
Psuedo science > M a D
Pollinators > M a D
PETA > M a D
Student Activism > M a D
Various > M a D