Death with Dignity

Professor Sir John Temple, the immediate past president of the British Medical Association, and past president of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, also spoke about the need for a change in the law to allow assisted dying in the UK.  "My support for a safeguarded assisted dying law comes from supporting the cultural shift in medicine from paternalism to person-centred care and by recognising the cruel injustices inflicted by the blanket ban of assisted dying in the UK."



Noel Conway is the latest to claim his right to die as & when he chooses - sadly disallowed :(  See the campaign HERE

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See 'A Time to Live' HERE 12  people with terminal illnesses

Read LLoyd Riley's blog on the Oregon experience See HERE  The past few months since the bill was voted down, much has happened elsewhere . . see HERE

The British Medical Association (BMA) continues to ignore the public with its failure to poll doctors on assisted dying. This year the BMA snubbed multiple calls to discuss assisted dying at their annual meeting. It’s time to bypass medical organisations and take our campaign direct to doctors.

Today we launch a new crowdfunding appeal to reach doctors up and down the country with the truth about the injustice of the current law. As one of our most committed supporters I’m asking if you will be one of the first to donate to help make this happen