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Death with Dignity

See 'A Time to Live' HERE 12  people with terminal illnesses

Read LLoyd Riley's blog on the Oregon experience See HERE

Hello Zach . . in response to current related thinking in Canada, in recent times, humanists have proposed one’s right to die on the basis of ‘individual autonomy’ which is  a cornerstone of the humanist ethos.

In Scotland, the pursuit of such has failed several times via a huge anti-majority in the Scottish Parliament.

I and several like minded colleagues have always seen the presence of a medical practitioner as a stumbling block, on the basis that Dignitas in Switzerland has no such requirement, thereby removing any obstacles of conscience and/or conflict with the imperatives of the Hippocratic Oath.

The attached is our view as to a successful approach and we submit that in contribution to the discourse.  See the 3 stages >    1    2    3

Hope it helps . .

The past few months since the bill was voted down, much has happened elsewhere . . see HERE