Inadvertently, or worse still, deliberately, if you ignore a wrong . . .you empower its malevolence

So always stand up for what is right


Help for those in need. Oppose crude market forces for essential services.

Adopt societal measures which enhance the lot of humanity.

To inform all actions with care and consideration for others, promoting harmony and sustainability whilst supporting humane measures for population control.

Use difference creatively and adopt freedom of action which causes no harm to others.

Actively encourage / cooperate with those like-minded.

Solve all personal, societal and international conflict with reasoned negotiation, rather than by physical, psychological or commercial force.

Challenge tradition in the light of experience, in standards of behaviour and communal care.

Oppose ideology, bigotry, prejudice and intolerance.

Seek secular governance with no privilege permitted, actual or implied.

Support social and institutional structures which enhance the human condition, condemning slavery, the arms trade and corrupt governance and commercialism etc.

Support non restrictive husbandry, as in free-range farming and show respect for the environmental needs and habitats of all flora and fauna.

To nurture creative and artistic expression and to encourage and facilitate opportunities for such.

Promote and facilitate the opportunity for non-religious gatherings and especially for parity at all ceremonials which have acquired the privilege of religious monopoly.

Pursue knowledge, using science ethically to enhance our understanding of the nature of the universe . . . to improve the well-being of humanity and the natural world. To live our lives recognising that we are responsible for our own destiny and for making the best of the one life we have. Modify our life-stance on the basis of new knowledge. Oppose Creationism / Young Earth Dogma / Intelligent Design. To live one’s life accordingly is an imperative of democracy and an essential pre-condition for social harmony.