Our drive to increase public awareness of Humanism is  'Simply Humanism', and it takes the form of a series of social media graphics, produced in  collaboration with our patrons on humanist responses to the big ethical and existential questions.

Also here's the new website and service for teachers, parents, and anyone else looking to teach about Humanism.

'Understanding Humanism'

General comment about education:

Education is an imperative, perceived as the means by which children can develop according to their unique needs and aspirations, with the purpose of developing every individual to their full potential.

The early years of schooling generally focus around developing basic interpersonal, communication, literacy and numeric skills, laying a foundation for more complex skills and  subjects which lead to qualification for further education at college or university. Thus gained are the knowledge and skills needed to create value and establish a livelihood in an increasingly competitive environment.

Individual purposes for pursuing education can vary and some also pursue it for its own sake, to satisfy innate curiosity, out of an interest in a specific subject or skill, or for overall personal development overall aimed at improving one's lot in life.

Often, education is also applicable as a means of overcoming handicaps, achieving greater equality whilst acquiring wealth and status for all (Sargent 1994).

See 10 best songs to play to children to teach them about life  (CD available if required - Contact Us)

  1. Wonderful world   Sam Cooke
  2. You can’t always get what you want   Rolling Stones
  3. Once in a lifetime   Talking Heads
  4. I touch myself   Divinyls
  5. Independent woman part 1   Destiny’s child
  6. You can’t hurry love   Diana Ross & Supremes
  7. I’ve never been to me   Charlene
  8. There is power in a union   Billy Bragg
  9. Strange fruit   Billie Holliday
  10. Shake a tailfeather   Ray Charles


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