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Welsh Government considers replacing 'Religious Education' with 'Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics' course

We were very pleased to learn that the Welsh Minister for Education, Huw Lewis, intends to revamp the Religious Education curriculum in Wales to give greater emphasis to philosophy and ethics.

Without speculating too much, we hope that these changes will mould the subject into a broader-based humanities course which discusses religious worldviews as part of a balanced investigation into philosophy and aspects of human culture which is inclusive of non-religious beliefs.

In 2014, along with many of our members, we contributed to a consultation into possible reforms of the Welsh curriculum, in which we specifically highlighted the need for an impartial subject covering both religious and non-religious beliefs. It's good to see the Welsh Government appears to be listening.

We'll update you on these developments as news arrives. We're still working to persuade the UK Government to give proper recognition to Humanism and non-religious beliefs in the English GCSE and A Level Religious Studies course, too, and hope to be able to report to supporters about these activities soon