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The Earth Charter and Responsible Reproduction – an introduction

The Earth Charter calls for sustainable patterns of human reproduction and for universal access to healthcare that fosters reproductive health and responsible reproduction. However, the Earth Charter does not address the issue of abortion. It does not take a position for or against abortion.

1.  The Scope of the Earth Charter

The Earth Charter is the product of a decade-long, world-wide, cross-cultural dialogue on common goals and shared values. Its purpose is to articulate the consensus on shared values that is taking form in the emerging global civil society.

The Earth Charter sets forth general ethical principles and strategic guidelines for building a just, sustainable and peaceful world. The Earth Charter Commission intended to say in the text of the Earth Charter just what is stated and nothing more.

The Earth Charter Commission and International Council recognize that there will be an ongoing debate over how to implement the Earth Charter's various ethical principles and that different cultures and communities will adopt diverse approaches to achieving the goal of sustainable development.

The Earth Charter focuses attention on the critical ethical issues and frames the debate.

The Earth Charter does not try to prescribe answers to the many complex questions about what means and mechanisms should be chosen in the effort to realise its goals and values.

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