JULY 19, 2017 by Stephen McLaren
Find a Celebrant . .

the following are listed & answered here :

Find a Celebrant . .

How do we find a Celebrant ?  

Referral/recommendation by friends/others is ideal. Your wedding venue might offer named options for Celebrants who theyhappily recommend (good feedback from previous weddings) or you can view the mini biographies on or other ‘humanism style websites’. You can then phone or email Celebrants directly to check their availability and ask them about their approach.

How far in advance do we need to book a Celebrant ?

There’s no strict time scale but it is wisest to decide as soon as you have chosen your venue and wedding date. Celebrants do get booked quite far in advance, especially for a Saturday during the summer months. If a preferred celebrant is already booked, they will be happy to recommend a registered alternative.

We would like to feel comfortable with a Celebrant before we decide to book one. Can we meet in person ?

It’s important for you to have the opportunity to assess if you’ll form a good team. Our Celebrants will be happy to meet up for a chat/coffee without obligation, but if you’re further afield, an initial phone call or a chat on Skype works very well.

What should I ask our Celebrant when we first meet ?

In open discussion, let s/he know your initial thoughts about what you want from the occasion, or simply ask whatever you want to know and let the initial conversation/detail develop from there. It’s important to have s/he talk about how a ceremony script develops,  to get a sense of their approach with which you want to feel comfortable.

What do humanist Celebrants wear ?

Many couples ask about this, but rest assured, there are no cloaks or robes in sight !  Your Celebrant will be smartly, professionally and appropriately attired. If you require a particular dress code for the occasion, discuss that with your Celebrant.

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