JULY 19, 2017 by Stephen McLaren
Outdoors or ? . .

the following are listed & answered here :

Outdoors or in . . ?

We’d like to get married outdoors. Is this ok ?

Yes it is.  ‘Al fresco’ weddings – whether in public places or at private venues – bring a wonderfully relaxed and intimate feel to them. However, in case Scotland’s weather lives up to its reputation, we always advise to have a plan B. That might be at a nearby indoor venue, or simply with  lots of umbrellas! Your Celebrant can talk this through with you.

Can we have our wedding at our  parent’s house ? 

Yes you can. You can have your wedding anywhere of your choosing, whether it’s indoors or out.

We got married abroad and would like a local ceremony with friends and family.

Your Celebrant can create a memorable scenario that to happen. Many humanist wedding ceremonies take place under such circumstances. Your humanist ceremony can be a wedding proper, or a re-run as a celebration of your previous formal marriage – whatever suits. With family/relatives & friends present, most couples choose to repeat their vows/promises to each other and repeat the ritual exchange of rings.

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