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We're not humanists . .

the following are listed & answered here :

We're not humanists . .

We’re not humanists - Can we have a humanist wedding ?

Yes you can. Your choosing a humanist approach for your wedding is all that is needed, with no requirement for subscription membership etc.  Our ceremonies are non-religious and inclusive, uniquely personal and meaningful and in experiencing the humanist approach, many couples conclude, without first realising it, that they share a humanist view of life.

We love the idea of a personalised wedding but we don’t know where to start.

Your Celebrant will lead you into the process and will offer you as much help and guidance as you need to get started. Your Celebrant can advise on structure, welcomes & introductions, readings, music, vows/promises and a whole series of related content issues which contribute to a memorable ceremony.

What happens at a humanist wedding ceremony ?

There is no set format and your ceremony is written by you, the couple, with all the help you might need in doing that from your Celebrant, who will guide you through the many options.  As a guide, a typical wedding must affirm any/all the legal aspects, with appropriate music, readings, poetry, your story as a couple, why you are choosing to marry, the “Will you marry me ?” story etc. You can make it all as personal as you wish with vows/commitments to each other, the exchange of rings, witnessed by two persons of your choosing. A typical structure is shown on the menu (use our link)

How much does a humanist legal wedding ceremony cost ?

Our all inclusive fee is £350, with additional cost if there is extensive travel etc involved.

What does the fee include?

Our Celebrants approach their inspirational role in slightly different ways and the fee ensures:

  • Your Celebrant is dedicated to only your ceremony on your day.
  • An introductory meeting/contact to discuss how it all happens.
  • Via email, progressive drafting and editing, offering guidance throughout, until the final script emerges.
  • Officiating, orchestrating & conducting your ceremony on your day.
  • A back-up registered Celebrant in case of the unforeseen.

How long is a humanist wedding ceremony ?

Around 30-45 minutes is the norm, although you can discuss any preference with your Celebrant.

Do you offer same-sex weddings or partnerships ?

Yes of course. Our Celebrants have been conducting such ceremonies for 15+ years and we were instrumental in campaigning for the provision of these basic human rights.

We’d like to involve our guests in some way. Can we do this ?

Absolutely. It’s great when guests are directly involved in a wedding ceremony rather than simply as passive witnesses. Your Celebrant can suggest many of the ways of making that happen.

Some of our relatives and guests  are religious and we don’t want them to feel offended. Will a humanist wedding be ok with that ?

Wedding ceremonies are mostly attended by guests of different faiths/beliefs or none, and the humanist approach, with reflective acknowledgement for everyone present, offends no-one, even to being included in direct involvement. The focus of your humanist wedding is on you as individuals and as a couple, in your relationship and your values. Underpinning it all are the humanist imperatives of long-term loving partnerships, mutual support, equality and honesty. Most people don’t have issues with that.

We live abroad and will be in Scotland for our wedding. Can we work together from a distance ?

That is not a problem. Our celebrants often work with couples who live abroad, with communication via Skype and email. Ideally, if at all possible, you will want to meet in the flesh before the big day; this can usually be arranged to suit all parties.



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