JULY 19, 2017 by Stephen McLaren
Will we be legal ? . .


the following are listed & answered here :

Will we be legal ?

How do we register our marriage in Scotland ?

Your chosen Celebrant will issue a joint agreement document which sets out both parties' precise responsibilities for invoking a legal marriage ceremony.  For you both, as a couple, and your Celebrant, these requirements are clearly set out in that document. Your Celebrant will prompt you to act in accordance with the important dates of application etc, which need to be complied with.  Follow the prompts and it’s very straightforward.

Will we be legally married after our humanist wedding ?

Yes of course. The registry office (closest to your wedding venue) where you send the initial M10 marriage application documents, will in the week prior to your ‘big day’, issue your marriage schedule - *That* is the document that we and your two witnesses sign during your wedding ceremony. *That* then gets returned to the same registry office.  *That* then drives the official marriage certificate which is issued from there.  In the UK, it is only in Scotland where legal humanist marriage status applies.

Does a humanist wedding have to be legal ?

There are various reasons why a couple might not want a public statement of their commitment and celebration of their partnership, to be legally registered as a marriage: Your Celebrant is sensitive to and endorses this mindset.

General Registry Office (Scotland)  access on line to all necessary detail     the M10 document specified above

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