JULY 30, 2018 by Stephen McLaren
Mark Harper (adapted)

I was brought up in the catholic faith, went to church confessional as a child and made up stuff to please the adult hiding in the wee box because I couldn’t recall doing anything bad that week. I had my doubts at a very early age. During a ‘Religious Knowledge’ class led by a music teacher, we were told that ‘If God had intended that people fly, he’d have given us wings’. Genuinely puzzled, I asked “Why then did God give us the intelligence to build aeroplanes?” I was labelled a ‘troublemaker’. It seems that anyone who speaks out against religious dogma is a troublemaker, but the problem is that there are not enough of us.  I’m writing this because I’ve just read yet another example of fear and hate vocalised by a ‘Father’ in the Catholic Church, condemning ordinary people for their sexual orientation and who then had to confront and then comfort the mother of an LGBT child because she was worried that PRIDE Scotland weren't doing enough to distance themselves from paedophilia!  Being Scottish, I'm also sick to death of these hate marches that we have to put up with each and every summer in the name of historic religious grievances and the hate chanting that goes hand in glove with certain football teams. Actually, thinking about it, that's probably why I hate football. So many bad things around our planet are being done in the name of religion; innocents are killed daily in ‘Gods Name’. I know there are plenty of decent people out there who follow their God but aren’t they a tiny minority?. Every day of my life is affected by some opinion that is based on misplaced ‘Faith’. I ask you, “Who is the truly moral person”? The one who behaves in a decent compassionate manner because it’s just the right way to be, or is it the one who does it for fear of eternal damnation, but keeps a free ‘get out of jail card’ in the form of the confessional?

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