SEPTEMBER 03, 2018 by Stephen McLaren

Where does spirituality fit in a non-religious life stance ?

Spirituality is a concept with which most people identify – an acceptance that there’s something indefinably spiritual about what it is to be human. So too do those of us who are inspired by the ethos of humanism, along with the plethora of like-minded non-religious life views which modern society encompasses and encourages as part of their socially accepted & welcomed diversity. There are many ways by which communities, groups and individuals delineate the concept  of spirituality, some being from a mix of their personal life lessons and its consequences, along with observations of the trials, tribulations, successes and failures of others as they pursue what they hope is best in life for all, including their nearest and dearest.

Throughout life, there are vast arrays of lessons from which we learn and act, along with the gifts which we relish as those things that provide some answers to “Why are we here?“. At many points in our human existence, we experience transformations, such as those in recent times, where division, dispute and extremism rule. These result from widely different opinions, perspectives, fears and doubts, which can coalesce into results, the likes of which we may  never have wished. Jo Cox’s life was brought to an untimely end by the savagery of an individual whose intolerance was of such intensity that he saw it as a threat to his warped acceptance that life was inevitably,**not for enjoyment, harmony and peace. But regardless, overridingly, in the negativity of a seemingly uncertain future, we continue to search for and find hope that the in the end, the common good will prevail.

Spirituality and its universal claims to wisdom resonates with conceptual and consensual knowledge, self esteem, education and art, and these have universal values in the sense that they pertain primarily to consciousness which brings a level of rationality and reason to the behaviour and attitudes which enhance our innate capacity to respond to other human beings as inherently valuable, regardless of ethnicity, colour, creed, gender alignment or sexual orientation etc.. Alongside the oft-times roller coaster that is life, coupled with  awe, wonder and amazement at the grandeur of the universe, we feel that there is something greater than ourselves and are reminded that really, we are only a mere speck of stardust.. Through loving, tolerance, compassion, understanding, awareness & acceptance aligned with ecological and ethical behaviour, held both individually and collectively as our responsible imperatives, spiritual values will continue to evolve amongst those of us whose raison d’etre forever seeks to maximize the common good. Bring it on !

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