JANUARY 07, 2019 by Stephen McLaren
Reflections 1

REFLECTIONS for a Humanist view


‘I Have seen . . .

I have seen a mother at a cot, so I know what love is.  I have looked into the eyes of a child, so I know what faith is.  I have seen a rainbow, so I know what beauty is.  I have felt the pounding of the sea, so I know what power is.  I have planted a tree, so I know what hope is.  I have heard a wild bird sing, so I know what freedom is.  I have seen a chrysalis burst into life, so I know what mystery is.  I have lost a friend, so I know what sorrow is.  I have seen a star-decked sky, so I know what infinity is. 

I have seen and felt all these things, so I know what life is.


‘Chinese proverb . . .

If there is light in the mind, there is beauty in the person.  If there is beauty in the person, there is harmony in the house.  If there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation.  If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.


Thanksgiving & Forgiveness

‘Praise of a Man . . .

He went through a company like a lamplighter - seeing the dull minds, one after another, begin to glow, to shed a beneficent light.  He went through a company like a knife-grinder, seeing the dull minds scattering sparks of themselves, becoming razory, becoming useful.  He went through a company as himself.  But now he's one of the multitudinous company of the dead where are no individuals.

The beneficent lights dim but don't vanish. The razory edges dull, but still cut.  He's gone: but you can see his tracks still, in the snow of the world.

Norman MacCaig


Love doesn't  end . .

Love doesn't end with dying or leave with the last breath.  For someone you've loved deeply, love doesn't end with death.

 John Addey

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