MARCH 10, 2021 by Admin Team

The last twelve months have been unprecedented in our lifetimes. 2021 began with the blow of yet another lockdown here in the UK but thankfully, the Covid vaccine rollout is finally giving us some hope.

When we start to control the virus on a long-term basis, we will move away from most of the social restrictions we have faced since March 2020 and this will be amazing for us all. Like you, the thought of going out for a meal or going to the cinema; or maybe going to a music gig or travelling to see friends and family fills my heart with happiness.

Then, of course, the big moments we love to enjoy, such as parties and weddings, will see more of us there to celebrate like we used to. This will be wonderful!

However, the restrictions we have endured since last Spring have definitely taught us a few things.

I could make quite a long list of things which I have had time to think about and change in my life but for now, I would like to talk about a change that we at Humanism in Scotland have noticed with regards to weddings. 

The pre-2020 reality that your wedding would probably include 75 guests (or more) was capsized by this pandemic.

The concept of the 'Big Wedding' was stopped in its tracks. This was, of course, a disaster for so many people, however, the legacy of 2020 means that couples are now looking at their wedding day in a new light.

The big question being asked by couples now is "Do we really need a BIG wedding?"

Small weddings are amazing. I say that because I was lucky enough to be involved in several last year when the restrictions meant you could only have twenty people present.

This dramatic reduction in numbers seemed to have little or no effect on the importance of the day. Each wedding ceremony was warm, engaging, happy, emotional, often intense and yet very relaxed. It felt like the pressure-cooker of 'the big wedding' was taken away and everyone was able to relax and be themselves.

Couples now realise this. Maybe a smaller wedding would suit you? Maybe making the whole day one big party for close family and friends sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your marriage? 

If you are considering what to do for your wedding, it would be difficult to find something more adaptable than a Humanist Wedding Ceremony. 

Always a great start to any wedding, a Humanist ceremony adapts to its surroundings, be it a grand castle hall or ten people standing under an old oak tree in the woods.

It is what we have always done, however, in 2020 we learned to adapt even more to suit all the different situations that came our way.

For example, if you wanted a more streamlined ceremony to suit your more personal celebration, we will consider what we can do for you and adjust our fee accordingly. We started to do this more and more in 2020 and this will continue into the future.

Every couple is different and every celebration is different, so every Humanist wedding ceremony has to be unique too.

This rings true more so than ever.

Bring your wedding plans to us and we will see what we can do to help you celebrate your marriage in exactly the right way.


Stay safe and I hope over the coming months we can leave lockdown behind and start to enjoy all the things we like to do again.



Stephen at an intimate lochside wedding in October 2020

photography by Glasgow based

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