MARCH 22, 2021 by Admin Team
Comic Relief v War Relief

It was the week when the UK government announced it will increase the number of warheads in its nuclear stockpile. The news was quite well hidden amongst all the drama of the pandemic and when I heard this news, I wished we lived in a different world. A few days later, when I was watching the incredible fundraising efforts of BBC Red Nose Day, a thought occurred to me.

Imagine instead of Children in Need, we had Submarines in Need?

Imagine instead of Comic Relief, we had War Relief?

In this imaginary world, every penny we have goes to support people. Taxes provide funding for health services, housing, education, jobs, opportunities, renewable energy, transport, arts, sport, inclusion, rehabilitation and peace.

In this dream world, we don’t really need charities because we spend all our taxes on our communities and the people living in them.

So the military machine struggles to survive. It cannot sit so well in a humane society, run by people who understand and encourage the true value of the people they represent.

In this fantasy, the weapons industry is the charity case. Not the kid with learning disabilities. Not the teenager with mental health issues or the family with no money because the mum contracted Covid-19.

No, in this world, the military has to find funding, so they go on tv twice a year to raise money for missiles, rocket launchers, tanks, aircraft carriers and nuclear warheads.

How much money would they make?

How many people would walk, run, swim and dance to raise money for the industry that kills?


If you wish for a better planet, one thing you can do is to put pressure on the UK government, which this year alone will spend over £40 BILLION on war.

You can also look at CND Scotland's website below.

It would take Comic Relief 800 YEARS to raise the amount that the UK government spends on the military in a single year.

The £51 million that Red Nose Day 2021 collected seems like a drop in the ocean.


Learn more here:


Photo credit: Tom Schuller on Unsplash

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